Professional digital radio automation system for medium-sized radio stations

Radio professionals will find D&R AIRCAST to be the only tool they need to automate their radio playout. Suitable for both terrestrial and Internet-based, small and large, local and national radio stations, this comprehensive automation system combines a high level of flexibility, an extensive functionality, and a highly ergonomic interface in one single tool that can be configured to satisfy a wide variety of users’ needs.

The program’s one-window, multi-paneled interface is fully configurable. Its layout is based in four main areas – the browser, the playlist, the players, and the cartwall (fully refurbished in this new version). These four elements are the basis of any radio playout, and you can use and combine them in whatever way fits your requirements.

The browser is divided into panes where you can add your folders, databases, clocks, audio files, etc., and it is where you can search for your programs, playlists, or individual files. The playlist and its players are tightly connected, and here is where you design your program, where you load all your audio tracks and link them together in a seamless, continuous playback. The program will assign cue markers automatically to any new audio file, which you can then edit according to your preferences. The playlist will feed each audio track into one of the players following the order your determined, either in automation mode or manually (i.e., assist mode). Playlists can be saved with all the changes you made for later use.

Finally, the cartwall is the software equivalent to those tape cartridges that some of us remember from the old radio days. Each element in the cartwall, each ‘cart’, may contain one element (one jingle) or a set of them. You will find the cartwall to be extremely useful when dealing with your jingles, ad breaks, sound effects, music beds, etc. Longer audio files (i.e., music tracks) are better dealt with directly from the playlist.

As soon as you master the use and possibilities of these four main elements, you may want to give AIRCAST your own look and feel. The program’s high level of flexibility mentioned above refers both to the fact that you can combine, modify, and mix its many features and to its highly customizable screen layout. Besides, this tool not only matches perfectly with other D&R products (such as AIRLITE, AIRENCE, and AIRLAB) but can also be used in conjunction with other external schedulers (i.e., Powergold or MusicMaster).

D&R AIRCAST is an integral solution suitable for all types of radio stations. It will adapt to your needs, instead of the other way round, and will help you produce professional-quality radio playouts without taking up all of your PC resources.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Well-designed interface with clear oversized fonts
  • Cue editor
  • User-friendly cartwall
  • Advertising scheduler
  • Total compatibility with AIRENCE mixers
  • Low CPU consumption


  • No drawbacks found
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